The exhibition industry for kids in India has the potential to grow by 35-40% by 2006 as per trends and data analysis.

While the desire to Play and Shop is as unabated today as ever before, the kids’ exhibition industry has come a long way. Here’s whart we are bringing to you in all our capabilities “THE MAMA MAGIC SHOW”. The nature and technique for shopping, enjoying and playing are fast evolving keeping pace with changes in technology and market demand. The Mama Magic Show Powered by Little Tags Luxury is happening in Delhi on the 7th of October, 2023 Hyatt Regency!

For the first “We are openign our doors for domestic and international brands to showcase their remarkable performance and experience of luxury brands from around the world!

LTL is thrilled to host India’s Largest event for kids called THE MAMA MAGIC SHOW with over 70+ luxury brands combined at our destination. We are celebrating the carnival, the most luxuriusly as we aim to accumulate one of the biggest luxe guest lists from Delhi and over all parts of India!

In the Past, Littletags Luxury is proud to mark the significance of some groundbreaking events in the last previous months and over the years!

Since Little Tags Luxury launched in 2017, it has established itself as the largest international e-commerce boutiqie for kids in India. This exhibition offers participating brands, opportunities for doing business and networking on a single platform and has attracted natioanl and international exhibitors.

The show is organised by LittleTags Luxury Pvt Ltd, a wholly-owned proprietor company.


The MAMA MAGIC is the ideal platform for luxury brands & innovation. Get to know the show and the opportubities of our exhibition.  


All products, brands, themes and food related to children are present at the Mama Magic Show. Here are the 15 different categories group.  


After several successful edition of shows and exhibitions powered by Little Tags Luxury, we announce our 1st edition for Indias most luxurious exhibition for kids in Delhi

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